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The answers of the exam should be at least 2 pages total.
Great Figures in the Bible
1. Have you ever been asked to give up something you worked hard to gain (like
Abraham with Isaac)? How did you decide what God really wanted you to do?
2. If God were to wrestle with you and give you a new name as he did with Jacob,
what would you want it to mean? Why?
3. Does the Joseph story connect with your own life? Describe how.
4. How had God shaped, trained, and equipped Moses during his time in the
wilderness without Moses even realizing it?
5. In response to Nathan’s confrontation, David could have tried to justify his
actions. What do you think helped him to admit and repent?
6. Just like a case of Elijah, when do you best hear the “gentle quiet whisper” of
7. For you personally, what has been the most important lesson from the story of
Esther? How will you put what you have learned into practice?
8. What leadership qualities does Nehemiah illustrate by his life? Which quality do
you find most appealing? Why?
9. What one quality in Peter do you find most appealing? Why?
10. Paul always remembered his life before Jesus: read carefully Philippians 3:5.
Why is it also important for us to remember what we were before Christ?


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