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Week 9  Pop Art and Consumerism
 Please respond to all of the following questions, using sources online or your text as the basis of your response (you will enjoy these topics, so take time to post on all of them!):

  • Describe two or three elements of Andy Warhol’s work called Marilyn Diptych found in Chapter 38 that you consider interesting or intriguing. Background info: Marilyn Diptych (Fig. 38.24).”Marilyn Monroe had died, by suicide, in August of that year, and the painting is at once a memorial to her and a commentary on the circumstances that had brought her to despair. She is not so much a person, as Warhol depicts her, but a personality, the creation of a Hollywood studio system, whose publicity shot Warhol repeats over and over again here to the point of erasure.” Link to the picture and a video describing it:
  • What current items or people would you include if you created a 21st-century picture like Warhol’s, where would you display this work, and how much would you charge if you were to sell it?
  • Take this interactive quiz about the value of modern art paintings at auction today.  How many were you able to correctly value?  Would you put any of these painters or paintings in your own Museum or hang them in your own home (why or why not)?


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