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 Leadership in Momentum 
The final two principles of servant leadership Lopez (2015) describes are “going all in”, Chapter 8, and developing a culture that sustains momentum, Chapter 9. Review those chapters and read the article from Blad (2016). Your focus in this discussion is to merge the principles of servant leadership, curriculum leadership, and professional development and relate them to growth mindset, specifically the teachers’ desire to receive more training about growth mindset. This information is located in this week’s Weekly Lesson.
Initial Response:

  • Share at least one idea or strategy for each principle (going all in and sustaining momentum). Describe how these ideas or strategies may specifically impact your own development and practice as a teacher leader as well as that of student learning.
  • Describe the relationship between servant leadership, growth mindset, transformational leadership, curriculum design, and professional development.
  • Describe how your understanding was refined around the curriculum design process and your responsibility in its success.
  • Finally, include a lesson or aha moment you had over these past six weeks as you behaved as leader or watched someone as acting in a leadership capacity and how it connected to this course readings and learning.


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