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Dave attends class regularly and enjoys math. He likes to solve geometry problems and prefers kinesthetic hands-on learning. Dave struggles attending to task and staying focused in the classroom setting. He has difficulty staying seated for long periods of time and will often get out of his seat and move around the classroom without permission. Dave is often impulsive and will shout out answers without raising his hand, which disrupts instruction and the overall classroom setting. Dave also becomes social at inappropriate times and will excessively talk to his classmates, which adversely impacts the teaching and learning process.
Provide a hypothesis, which offers a possible function of the observed behaviors.

  • This includes “why” these behaviors may be occurring:
    • To gain attention.
    • To escape or avoid tasks or activities.
    • To gain access to tangible items or activities.
    • To gain or avoid self-reinforcing/sensory stimulation.
  • Research and identify at least three evidence-based behavior strategies that are functionally equivalent and that align with the student’s needs.
  • Explain how each of these strategies will be effective for the identified behaviors in the scenario.
  • Summarize how the strategies might be used proactively in the future.
  • Reflect on why you chose these strategies and how they best meet the student’s needs.


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