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File submission: Essay – Learning Reflection
Objective of the activity  Apply the knowledge acquired in the Successful University Life course.

In this mailbox they will send the document of the final work.
You must prepare an essay on the previously selected topic, it must follow the structure, according to what has been learned. The format must be Arial font, size 12, aligned to the left and with a space between lines of 1.5. It must have a minimum of 3 pages and a maximum of 5 pages, not including the title page or the bibliography. . This aspect of complying with the structure and format has a value of 30 points.
The writing must adhere in its content to the APA citation formats. It is not possible to write content pages, without referencing the sources. You must apply the paraphrase to avoid copy and paste and hence plagiarism. The generated similarity report will be used as a basis to evaluate this aspect. This aspect has a value of 30 points.

Recommendation: Review the Lesson Summary and Paraphrasing Techniques in APA Style.  The document must have it referenced in APA. This aspect has a value of 20 points. The writing and spelling will represent the other 20 points.
Deliverable  The activity is individual. The work must be delivered on time, without spelling or grammatical errors. The works will be submitted to the tool to detect similarity of content (now Urkund). You will need to save and upload your essay using a Word type word processor. You must include references in APA format, three years old or less.


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