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The topic for this week focused on unpacking the meaning of “good teaching.”  Too often, in the education discourse, the rhetoric on good teaching centers on subject matter and students’ performance on summative assessments.  While these factors are important, it is also important for educators to make a commitment or investment on creating teaching spaces “that respects and uses the reality, history, and perspectives of students as an integral part of educational practice (Bartolome, 1994 p. 173). ”  There are a few slight changes for the assignment this week. Your assignments for this week are the following:
Choose two of the readings to review this week
“But That’s Just Good Teaching”:  The Case for Culturally Relevant Pedagogy by Gloria Ladson-Billings
“Engaged Pedagogy” by bell hooks
*The Banking Concept of Education by Paulo Freire
Assignment due next week–Educational Autobiography
The autobiography is designed for you to recall and reflect on your PK-12 and post-secondary schooling experiences. The candidate must construct a 2-3 page paper that describes the context of your schooling, structure of school curriculum, specific policies and consequences for students and/or parents, likes and dislikes of your education experience, and the ways these experiences shaped your perspectives on education.  Review the rubric before submission.
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