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Research best practices and trends from educational leaders that promote technology integration in organizations for learning.
Select a presentation tool from the Technology Resource Library on the College of Education Resource page, or use a presentation tool of your choice.
Note: Do not use a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation.
Review the assigned readings in this course and any outside research you have completed on this topic.
Create a 7- to 10-minute presentation that examines best practices and trends for technology integration, using your choice of presentation tool. Include the following:

  • Creating change in organizations
  • Examples on recognizing true technology integration
  • Ways to provide outreach to the community using technology resources
  • Increasing information to and involvement of families
  • Funding opportunities available to schools and school districts for integrating technology
  • Budgeting and funding considerations for technology integration at an organization of learning

Include a transcript of the presentation as well as any handouts that would enhance the participant’s understanding of the content.
Format your presentation according to APA guidelines where applicable.
Submit your presentation or supply a working URL for online presentations.


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