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Resources: Teachers Stuck on PinterestTeachers as Curators of Learning
Lead teachers or teacher leaders in many schools are often asked to identify sources of information and resources for the teachers they mentor and supervise.
Compile a list of 8 different research-based tutorials, games, simulations, multimedia, videos, and remediation software that promote learning across mathematics, science, English/language arts, social studies, health and physical education, or visual and performing arts instructional environments.
Note: You may complete this in a Microsoft® Word document.
Consider using an unfamiliar collaborative or curating technology tool to catalogue these resources.
Include a 50- to 90-word description for each resource that explains how that resource can be used with one of the four content areas. Include the URL for each finding. Address how you evaluated each resource for accuracy, authority, objectivity, and timeliness.
Discuss your findings with your team as a professional learning community to gain insight and perspective for sharing and developing resources for educators.
Note: If you used a collaborative or curating technology tool, submit the link to your research-based resource collection to your instructor.


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