Education homework help

*Include your name, program and start date
1. Motivation to earn my online degree
2. SMART goals (one long-term goal and one short-term goal)
a. List a long-term goal
– Specific:
– Measurable:
– Achievable:
– Relevant:
– Time-based:
b. List a short-term goal
– Specific:
– Measurable:
– Achievable:
– Relevant:
– Time-based:
3. Discuss your VARK questionnaire results (if you agree or disagree with the results) and list two tips for capitalizing your learning preference.
4. Consider your academic performance this session. What worked well and what might need improvement from an adult learning perspective? What are some lessons learned and resources that you are planning to use in the future?
My VARK Score
Your learning preference: Multimodal (VARK)
different formats, graphs, diagrams, maps, interesting layouts, space, listening, discussing, talking, questioning,  notes, handouts, print, text,  practical exercises, experiences, examples, case studies, trial and error, things that are real.
My scores were:

  • Visual 12
  • Aural 12
  • Read/Write 14
  • Kinesthetic 13

to help you with doing this paper my major is criminal justice with a minor in psychology.


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