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Education homework help. Autism Intervention Review Instructions
Being able to identify, critically review and appropriately apply evidenc-based interventions is a critical aspect of special education. For this assignment, you will practice this review process. You are to select 1 intervention from the Autism Interventions document and complete a critical review of the strengths and weaknesses of the intervention and its generalized value to children or adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). This review must include the following:

  1. An introduction that outlines your personal philosophy      of education and alignment with your selected intervention.
  2. A description of the intervention, including strengths      and weaknesses with references to support;
  3. A critical review of the perceived effectiveness of the      intervention with references to support the evaluation of effectiveness.      Address if this intervention is considered to be scientifically-based      practice, a promising practice, or supported with limited research      practice;
  4. A specific profile of a child with ASD who might      respond best to this intervention with an explanation of why.
  5. 5–8 questions      you would pose to help families and other team members decide or whether      or not this intervention method is appropriate for a child with ASD;
  6. A personal reflection response to your review      discussing your personal opinion and beliefs about this intervention.

The Intervention Review assignment must be between 5–8 pages, including introductory and closing paragraphs. Additionally a title page and reference page must be included which will not be counted towards the 5–8-page length requirement. You must cite at least 6 references. Two of these references must be the course textbook and the Bible. Additional references may include other texts on autism or peer-reviewed articles. References should be in current APA format.
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Education homework help


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