Education homework help

Education homework help. PR002:Play and Learning for Preschoolers Perforamance Task
This assignment has three-parts.

Part I: Key Concepts and Theories About Play and Learning

Based on the information presented in the Case Scenario, prepare an analysis of the key concepts and theories that support play. Include the following:

  • An example of each of the categories of play
  • An example of each of the social stages of play
  • Examples of play that illustrate three theories/theorists associated with play

Part II: Conditions That Support Play

Describe examples, from the Case Scenario, of the conditions and characteristics of the preschool environment and teacher actions that support children’s learning through play. Be sure the description includes:

  • Three examples of conditions that support play
  • Three examples of teacher actions that support play

Part III: Communicating the Importance of Play to Families

As mentioned in the Case Scenario, parents and families have expressed concerns about how much time their preschool children spend playing rather than learning. Respond to these concerns by creating a family-friendly brochure or newsletter explaining to families the importance of play at school and home. Include the following:

  • Three reasons why play is critically important for preschoolers’ development and learning
  • Graphics, pictures, cartoons, videos, or other media that support the rationale


Education homework help


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