English homework help

English homework help.

Last were discussing the utilitarianism ideology and the effects of it use. Now we will observe utilitarianism of punishment. The utilitarianism ideology premise is based on morality of pain and pleasure, and the principle of utility is that “we should act always so as to produce the greatest good for the greatest number.” Now the states and federal governments create policy to imprison those who are found guilty by the rules played within that adversarial system.
Juvenile in particular have sample criminality based on uncontrollable behavior simply because they are still growing. However, society determines how to deal with the adolescents and how they are judged. Over many centuries sense the development of America some punishment distribution within American society. Data have dictated the terms as federal, states and local government determine how the criminal justice will address the issues juvenile delinquency. Now can the utilitarianism and the principle of utility ideology be used as a preconceive measure against the juveniles?
Your job is to determine if or when the utilitarianism and the principle
of utility can be used as a preconceive notion against juveniles as these concepts are explored.
You can use various entities including correctional policies, misconduct, capital punishment, race, gender, or collaboration of any three at the federal, state or local levels.
The paper should be submitted APA Style exclusively paying attention to in text citation and reference section, minimum of three references, double spaced, 12 font Times Roman, and 5 to 7 pages including the cover and reference pages.
Note this assignment will assessed on the accuracy of APA style including the use of in text citations, references and grammatical errors. Attached you will find a video that may assist you in the use of APA style of in text citation and how to apply references, but not from all sources.


English homework help


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