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English homework help. Provide a substantive response to at your two peers below. Using the sources of power, influence, and authority, outlined in Chapter 4, discuss with your peers the challenges Julie will face in her new role. How do you think she will ultimately handle these challenges? If you were her, how would you handle them?
Peer 1- As becoming a manager Julie will be able to see things from a different perspective and it will open new opportunities for her in that position. Since she was once a regular staff member she knows what the employees needs are and some desires , and she can address those issues or complaints. Julie knows her peers real well so she knows what to expect from them and how to interact with them, as well as resources, skills, and talent they may hold. There may be some that will challenge her leadership and may even cause issues among others because of her role and their past relationship. Influence is the capacity to produce effects on others or obtain compliance from others in which it differs in power in the manner in which compliancxe is revoked.(Liebler & McConnell, 2017). So Julie will have  huge impact on her employees becasue of her past relationship with them.
In order for Julie to to establish herself as a legitimate possessor or supervisory autnority on ther unit she will need to set boundaries. She will have to seperate herself from friendships into a supervisory role when she is on the job. She must seperate herself in a way that she does not make her employees feel as if she has preferred staff because of friendships she may have made before acquring the supervisor role.  Julie will have to look for advice from her superiors for support as well as others in managment positions. Julie will have draw upon power, influence and authority to establish herself in her new role. The authority role is there to make sure that employees adhere to norms and keep down random behavior and produce behavior that is purposeful to reach the goals of the organization.(Liebler & McConnell, 2017). Masters
Peer 2
Identify the potential advantages Julie might enjoy in becoming manager of a group of which she has long been a member, and contrast these with the possible disadvantages that might present themselves because she has long been a member of this group.
The benefits Julie will reap in becoming the manager of a company she’s familiar with are good. This is helpful for Julie as she knows how the practice is operated as she has been employed there for so long. The drawbacks that could raise are the lack of the friends she made before becoming manager The women seem to be happy with her new promotion, and at the same time I think immediately began to treat her differently.
Describe how Julie will have to proceed in establishing herself as the legitimate possessor or supervisory authority on the unit, and describe the sources and forms of Julie’s authority.
Julie certainly wouldn’t need to show favoritism towards her colleagues. She will have to really go along with her organizational values and fairness, for instance when employees ask for time off she would need to be able to base her decision on business and not personal reasons. Unfortunately, Julie would have to terminate the friendships with the colleagues in the workplace, as it might seem like favoritism to others with her being friends and would cause more conflict in the workplace.

English homework help


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