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Material in this web article, “Determining Audience/Readership” (Links to an external site.) from Study Guides and Strategies, will prove helpful in completing this assignment, as will other readings in this module.
In the discussion below, identify at least 3 potential groups of people who would be concerned about the topic you’ve chosen.  For each of the three, tell us a bit about who they are, and what motivations they have.  (It’s always helpful to include a reminder about what your topic/thesis is, too).
For instance, in my CheezIts argument, there are a variety of potential groups affected.  One is consumers, who care about getting good values, low costs, and high quality products.  They want to be sure the money they spend is worthwhile.  Another group is retail outlets.  They, too, are motivated by money, and making sure they keep the customer coming back to purchase the products they offer.  A third potential group are health-food advocates, who would see snack foods like CheezIts as a bad alternative to other options because of their fat and salt contents.
End your post by telling us which of the potential audience groups you’re going to focus your own essay on, and why.  What can you do to target your supporting claims to address the concerns of this particular group?
Your post should be at least 150-200 words.  It doesn’t have to be grammatically perfect, but should use standard English (no text-speak, please) and normal capitalization rules.
You will also need to return to this Discussion to reply to at least two of your classmates’ posts.  Content could include, but is not limited to, any of the following: Comment on the audience groups they’ve identified.  If you can think of others, suggest who they would be and what their motivations are.  Try to put yourself in the place of the group your colleague has chosen, and advance potential counter-arguments a person in that group would make.
Responses are weighed as heavily as your initial posting, and should be roughly as long (150-200 words) when combined.  Responses should indicate you’ve read your classmate’s post carefully.  Include specific details from the post you’re responding to in your reply.


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