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  1. Based on the writer’s draft 2, have they selected a RELEVANT and CURRENT ISSUE? Provide them with specific suggestions for improving the issue focus.
  2. Does the writer follow the assignment? In other words, has the writer developed an argument with a clear claim, valid reasons to support the claim, and evidence to support the reasons? Provide suggestions for developing the argument.
  3. Are the sources the writer used in draft 2 focused on the same issue? Provide them with specific suggestions for finding additional sources that may be even better.
  4. Do the sources the writer used in draft 2 provide a RANGE OF PERSPECTIVES that may disagree as well as agree with the writer’s position on the issue. Provide specific suggestions about ways in which they might find sources that disagree.
  5. Does the writer seem to structure the argument around her or his argument, only using sources as evidence? Or, does the writer seem to rely too much on sources making the argument? In what specific ways could the writer improve the argument?
  6. As a reader, are you persuaded by the writer’s argument? Why or why not, specifically? What specific suggestions do you have for the writer to develop her or his argument more effectively?
  7. Does the writer include FULL CITATIONS for all sources used? Does the writer use “in-text” citations to briefly indicate that the ideas or words are someone else’s? Provide specific suggestions for improvement.
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