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English homework help. Visual Argument [Advertisement]
For this project, you will be required to create a visual argument in the form of an advertisement that corresponds to your Researched Argument Essay.
A visual argument is an argument that mostly relies on visuals [photographs, drawings, collages, objects, etc.] to prove an argument. You may use some text in your visual argument, but you should attempt to prove your argument with visuals.
For this project, your visual argument will be in the form of an 8 ½ x 11” advertisement [i.e. roughly the size of a one-page ad that would appear in a magazine]. Use Word or PowerPoint to insert and arrange images (and some text) and create your advertisement. You may decorate your advertisement however you wish, as long as all objects, pictures, etc. work to prove your argument, and are not there simply for decoration. What is most important to keep in mind for this project is that your ad should not just be pretty but should make an argument. So, your ad should not just be about your topic in general but should argue a position or side about your topic. However, instead of making your argument through words, this assignment requires you to make your argument through visuals.
I want you to have fun with this assignment, so be as abstract [symbolism, metaphor] or as concrete [pictures depicting events that deal directly with your topic] as you’d like. Be creative with the visuals you decide to use in your advertisement and the way you arrange them. Make sure, however, that you have a reason behind every choice you make; everything you include in your advertisement must work to prove your argument.
Things to keep in mind:
· Use text only when necessary. The point of this assignment is to work to make an argument using visuals. Think about how you can use visuals to your advantage [What can you “say” with visuals that you cannot say with text?].
· Think through ALL choices: Why are you using that color? Why are you placing that object there? Why do you want that drawing/picture to be that size? Do you feel that using some text is necessary? Why? Etc.
25 pts. total

Rubric 5 4 3 2-0
Advertisement takes a clear stance        
Advertisement clearly duplicates the specific argument in the Argumentative Essay        
Advertisement is designed clearly and well        
The argument is clear through visuals—the text is secondary        
There are no errors in spelling, grammar, or punctuation        

English homework help


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