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The goal of an argument is to persuade a reader to understand a position or take action. In this essay, you will be formally arguing for or against a topic of your choice.
This assignment requires that you clearly identify a topic and a claim before supporting
your claim with both your own logic and secondary source material.
Your audience will consist of your scholarly peers whom you may assume currently
disagree with your claim but are also open to being persuaded to agree with you.
Your argument will begin by introducing the topic, establishing the context of the topic
being argued, and establishing your claim in the thesis statement.
Each paragraph should address one point of support for the thesis each, establishing the
idea for each point of support and using secondary source information. Each paragraph should acknowledge the counterarguments to the specific point of support or you should include a paragraph at the end (before the conclusion) that addresses the counterargument.
Finally, you will want to conclude with a clear reminder about the claim made at the beginning of the essay and attempt to move the reader into action or acceptance of your claim.
A few questions you may consider as you craft your essay:
• Have I been considerate to readers who disagree with me? • Is my claim reasonable and arguable?
• Does my support connect directly to my claim?
• Are my topic sentences clear?page1image3447910240
TOPIC:- Social Media
Step One –

  • An introduction that ends with a thesis statement. The thesis statement should make it
    clear what topic you are exploring and what stance you have taken.
  • Three topic sentences, one for each body paragraph
  • A conclusion.
  • Two correctly cited secondary sources
    Step Two – a final draft written in an elevated and sophisticated style that
    makes use of correct grammar and usage. You should make sure to make a clear and precise argument.
    Specific guidelines for this assignment are:
  • Clear introduction and conclusion.
  • A clear and arguable claim
  • Structure the essay around the at least three points of support for your claim.
  • Free of logical fallacies
  • Adherence to MLA format (including in-text citations and Works Cited page).
  • Correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
  • 2-3 pages in length (not including the Works Cited page).
    This essay should be written entirely in your own words except when you are quoting from your two sources. Make sure you include both in-text citations (if needed) and entries on the Works Cited page.


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