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Below are Three (3) activities that complement what we are studying in Module 3. Review the list and then choose one (1) to complete.
Module 4 focuses on Food – why we love it, how its processed, and how we can make it our career. Choose one of these activities to enhance your understanding of these topics.
1. Read Mimi Sheraton’s chapter called the Care & Feeding of Captives(see attached)
Actions. Write a reflective essay about your time as a captive and your perspectives on the edibility of the food you were served. I want you to base your essay now that you know some more about the back of the house story of the creation of institutional food. Limit your essay to one page, single spaced.
2. Watch Malcolm Gladwell’s TED talk (Links to an external site.)(https://www.ted.com/talks/malcolm_gladwell_choice_happiness_and_spaghetti_sauce?language=en) about food continuums. Then go to the grocery store and find a food that has multiple categories of flavors, texture, sizes, etc. Take multiple pictures on your phone (so you don’t have to stand around inside a grocery store too long – wear your mask!) of the food you see, then go home and categorize the choices. Last time I checked I found there were 36 different types of Oreos available in the Safeway nearest my house. Choose a category such as toothpastes, pasta, vinegars, ice cream, yogurts, mustards, bbq sauces, pasta sauces, Oreos, chips (potato or corn), Pepperidge Farm cookies, etc. After you have created the list then refer to Malcolm’s talk and categorize the choices into 4-6 major categories and explain why you choose to organize them this way. Rank your favorite categories.
3. Go through the grocery store and take pictures of food labels that include health halo marketing. Health halos include the following terms: low-fat, heart healthy, sugar-free, whole grains, gluten free, cholesterol free, high in protein, high in fiber, vitamins and mineral fortified, added anti-oxidants, no calories, all- natural, farm fresh, low sodium, no preservatives, no artificial colors or flavors, 100% fruit. And there are many more! Create a powerpoint slide show of at least 32 different products – in each picture show the product and the health halo term. These labels have to be in English so we can grade them.
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