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Personal E-mail
Write a personal e-mail to the audience of your choice. This is not just any e-mail, it has a few academic requirements.
1.    Write and organize this e-mail like a written letter. Include a subject heading, greeting, and a closing with your name. (Michael)
2.    Your e-mail must be at least 250 words, but no longer than 500 words.
3.    Appropriately insert at least ONE (you may use them multiple times) of each of the following punctuation marks: period, exclamation point, question mark, colon, semi-colon, apostrophe, comma, quotation marks
4.    Include the use of at least ONE capitalized proper noun for a person, and one capitalized proper noun for a place. Bold these.
5.    Include TWO different types of abbreviation.
6.    Include the use of a date, and spelled out numbers. Bold these.
Here are a few scenarios, or you may be creative and think of your own!
Ø  Write to a family member with plans for next year’s family reunion.
Ø  Write to a group of people interested in a book study you plan to lead.
Ø  Write to a group of friends to plan a local day outing to a museum/theme park, etc.


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