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deally, this draft should be what you would be turning in if I didn’t ask first for drafts. However, I doubt many of you will be quite at that point by Monday.
That said, I will give FULL credit to those who submit drafts that meet the following criteria:
a) Within the OUTLINE (using the one with suggestions that I provided you as a model) of the entire paper (including all of the main POINTS you will develop), write AT LEAST SIX PIE paragraphs, each containing at least one quotation sandwich. Maintain the hierarchical formatting of the model, revising it and developing its parts as you go.
b) Introduces a well-developed thesis that directly and thoughtfully addresses the prompt. I provided a highly useful template for the thesis in the past week. Choose one of the options I provided. If you decided to go your own way, make sure it is focused. I strongly suggest you develop yours precisely along those lines. Note that I am in no way telling you WHAT you should say in your thesis. I just want you to use the template to ensure your paper will fully address the prompt.
c) The draft, following your thesis, must address a counterargument, arguing that your reasoning is stronger.
d) As I said above, develop at LEAST SIX PIE paragraphs, each containing a quotation that is both introduced and explained.
e) include MLA citations.
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