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This folder contains a series of still images. These are a combination of product advertisements, public service announcements, and political cartoons.
As you view the images, think very carefully about the audience and purpose for each, about the context (based on the brief info given), and about the rhetorical elements and methods by which the image conveys its meaning.
You will select just one of these images to discuss in detail in the next Discussion Board. You will be asked to analyze the image in relation to three rhetorical elements of your choosing.

  1. Identify which image you selected and explain what led you to make that choice.
  2. Offer an interpretation of the image in the form of a thesis statement (an interpretive claim).
  3. Identify the three rhetorical elements that you believe are important to understanding the image and explain how each one contributes to the overall meaning (i.e., supports your interpretive claim).
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