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According to Koerth-Baker, why do rational people buy into conspiracy theories? What is a conspiracy theory (according to this article)? What effects come about as a result of people believing conspiracy theories? Name the most outrageous conspiracy theory you’ve heard of in the last decade.

Answer all parts of the prompt in 1-2 paragraphs. The more details specifically paraphrased from the assigned article “Why Rational People Buy into Conspiracy Theories,” the better. Start with a topic sentence that “steals” from the question. Make sure incorporate at least 1-2 quotes from the article into your response.   Refer to the author by her last name, write in complete sentences, and when quoting, incorporate the quote within your own sentence followed by a citation. Like this: Koerth-Baker illustrates the more insidious side of technology when she tells of “the Internet’s tendency toward tribalism [helping to] reinforce misguided beliefs” (344).


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