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Since the beginning of this class, we have been performing Synthesis activities (whether your realize it or not). Synthesis is the simple act of making connections between multiple readings. As you move through your academic career and build your base of knowledge through reading, you will begin to notice connections between authors, concepts, etc. across the disciplines. Making these connections is very important to create a “big picture” knowledge base for yourself and to realize that all aspects of your learning are intertwined.
Over the next 2 weeks, you will work to develop a Synthesis essay over 2 specific texts: an excerpt from Jocko Willink’s novel, Extreme Ownership, and Chapter 1 of Carol Dweck’s hit novel, Mindset, that you read last week (both texts are attached here). Learn more about the Synthesis essay genre on the attached PowerPoint titled “1302 Week 7 Notes”, and specifics for this writing assignment on the attachment titled “Synthesis Essay Instructions”.
Background on these authors
Jocko Willink and Carol Dweck are very different “characters” and are writing for different audiences and purposes — Dweck writes mostly to discuss the ways that students or young learners cope with failures in an academic environment, while Willink writes about taking responsibility for failures in one’s professional life. However, despite the differences in their personalities, styles and intended audiences, it is possible to draw connections between these two readings in terms of their overall theme of how people could/should cope with failures. Can you identify a shared message or idea about how mindset impacts one’s reaction to failure? Do they share a “suggestion” for audiences about what mindset is preferable to overcome adversity and persevere? The answer to that question is the thesis statement for your essay.
To get a better feel for the different “personalities” and messages of these authors, check out these two short youtube videos created by Willink and Dweck (you do not need to use references to these videos in your essay — your essay will focus solely on their texts — but these videos may help you get a sense of who they are):

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