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Comparison and Contrast Essay Writing Assignment
A comparison shows how two or more things are similar, and contrast shows how they are different. Before you can compare and contrast two things, you must be sure a basis for comparison exists–that the two things have enough in common to justify the comparison. A comparison should lead you beyond the obvious. However, when two things are very similar, the contrast maybe worth writing about. When two subjects are not much alike, you may find that the similarities are worth considering.
Topic Selections: (Choose One)

  • Write an essay on two people who are significant in your life. Why are they interesting? How are they alike and different? What do they believe? What stands out most about each of them?
  • Write an essay about two groups that have divergent values, for example, vegetarians and meat eaters or Democrats and Republicans.
  • Write an essay about education in online/virtual classes vs. education in traditional classes
  • Write an essay about the millennial age society vs. pre-millennial society


  • Develop at least a five paragraph essay (equivalent to 500 to 600 words).
  • Be sure to indent paragraphs and double space
  • Refer to the Rules/Guidelines for Writing for complete details regarding fonts, font size, format…
  • Submit your essay as a Microsoft Word file attachment

100 possible points


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