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The major writing assignment should be uploaded into the MWA 1 dropbox by Th, October 22nd by 10 AM and posted on Discussion Board 8 for peer review. I have chosen the podcast SNAPPED: WOMEN WHO MURDER
In order to effectively write a review, you must establish criteria by which you will judge the podcast.  In your introduction, you will introduce and overview your podcast choice and introduce/explain the criteria you will use for analysis/review.  I recommend that for your body paragraphs, you discuss one criteria of the podcast per paragraph (such as genre, topic, purpose, audience, mood/tone/style, associated website materials, etc.).    One part of your analysis of the podcast must be its genre (both topic and podcast structure).  Then you will recap your criteria and come to a final evaluation of the podcast in your conclusion.  You have two elements to incorporate for genre in the review:

Criteria you might consider for your podcast review (choose the ones appropriate for your podcast):

  • Genre: topic and podcast structure (required; see above)
  • Summary of episode/s (in introduction paragraph or as one body paragraph)
  • Purpose of podcast
  • Audience of podcast (here is where you might incorporate ratings stats)
  • Podcast host/hosts (style and ethos); you might even rate the use of logos and pathos
  • Origin story of the podcast
  • Language/style/tone of podcast
  • Associated materials of podcast: music, artwork, web site, social media presence

In your body paragraphs, make sure to use evidence to support your claims about the podcast.  This evidence can include specific details/examples from the podcast itself, genre and structure information (from Filmsite and the podcast/structure links in our Week 3 content), and information about the podcast (such as awards, costs to produce, ratings, etc. from a site itunes or Stitcher).  You might go to “2020 Podcast Stats and Facts”:  https://www.podcastinsights.com/podcast-statistics/ for information about ratings, etc.
Purpose: to practice analysis skills, think about podcast genre/structure, and to inform your readers about a podcast.
Audience: Your actual audience for this essay will be your instructor and classmates; for your ideal audience, think of your reader as someone interested in listening (or watching) the podcast you review.  Think about who this person is and what he/she would need to know to make a good, informed decision.
Format and Length: a minimum of 3-4 typed pages (750+ words) formatted MLA style
Your essay should include an introduction, body (multiple paragraphs), and conclusion.  A works cited page should include the podcast and possibly and podcast structure links, if cited.  The works cited is not counted as part of the minimum 3-4 pages.
Suggested Prewriting Activities:

  • Listen to a podcast episode multiple times and take notes (or several episodes)
  • Review structure material on podcasts and stats in Unit 1 content
  • List possible criteria to analyze
  • Brainstorm
  • Do a clustering or mapping activity
  • Outline or diagram for organization

Revision Option: You will have an option to revise your podcast review.  When I have returned feedback and grades, I will announce the deadline for revisions on our D2L news site.  You will turn the revision in to the same dropbox.  The revised grade will replace the original grade (minus any late penalties on the first draft).


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