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The purpose of this assignment is to provide substantive feedback to your peers.
In this way you will 1) expand your knowledge and views of Victimology, 2) learn to appropriately provide constructive criticism, and 3) learn how to appropriately respond to constructive criticism.


Be sure to identify which peer Rlection you are reviewing at the top of your responses and summary report, then answer the following questions. You must elaborate on why you answered yes or no for all of the yes/no questions.Simply rephrasing the question in the form of a statement does not accomplish this and you will not receive full credit if that is all that you do to “elaborate.”

  • Does the author communicate his/her ideas clearly? YES/NO
  • Does s/he directly address all of the questions for the Flash Reflection? YES/NO
  • Is everything presented relevant to the overall topic? YES/NO
  • Is the overall organization clear and effective? YES/NO
  • Are there disorganized parts? YES/NO
  • Does the language seem appropriate for its intended audience? YES/NO
  • Are there
    • Typos? YES/NO
    • Grammatical errors? YES/NO
    • Punctuation and/or spelling problems? YES/NO
  • Does the author take a clear position on the issue? YES/NO
  • Does the author present a convincing argument? YES/NO 
  • What other problems exist?
  • Suggestions for improvement:


You will be evaluated on how well you identify the strengths/weaknesses in the Flash Reflection as well as on the quality and accuracy of your suggestions for improving it. Please see the rubric provided with this assignment in the Canvas course shell for further details.
Your task is to help the author to improve his/her knowledge of the subject matter as well as their skills at communicating this knowledge to an audience. For each of the two reflections you are assigned, you need to answer the below questions for each Flash Reflection as well as write a summary of your thoughts on each author’s Flash Reflection.

  • Be aware that simply answering to all questions as if there are no problems when there actually are identifiable shortcomings in the assigned Flash Reflections will result in a poor grade for this assignment. Remember, it is your task to help your peers improve their work. Ignoring problems hurts both them and you.
  • Before starting your reviews, you must read the Peer Review Guidance available in the Canvas course shell. This, along with the guidance AND rubric listed for Flash Reflections should also guide your


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