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prepare a copy of the following equipment lease, making sure to observe all guidelines for the preparation of legal documents.
This Equipment Lease Agreement (hereinafter called the “Agreement”) is made and entered on (,nser-i cur-rent date) by and between ANTHEN ATKINS ENTERPRISES of 1 17 Grace Street Fullerton (hereinafter called the Lessor) and SYLVAN KARAMATH of 76 Dean Street Alleton (hereinafter called the Lessee) both Lessor and Lessee collectively being referred to as the Parties. The Parties agree as follows
1 EQUIPMENT Lessor hereby leases to Lessee one forklift bearing registration code LK14562 (hereinafter called the Equipment)
2 LEASE TERM The lease will start on (the date for the first of next month) and will end on Onset-t the date one year later)
3 LEASE PAYMENTS Lessee agrees to pay to Lessor as rent for the Equipment the amount of nrree thousand five hundred dollars ($3500) each month in advance on the first day of each month at 117 Grace Street Fullerton or at any other address designated by Lessor
4 LATE CHARGES If any amount under this Agreement is more than five days late Lessee agrees to pay a late fee of Two hundred dollars ($200) per day
5 SECURITY DEPOSIT Before taking possession of the Equipment, Lessee shall deposit with Lessor a deposit of Six thousand dollars ($6000) as security for the performance by Lessee of the terms under this Agreement and for any damages caused by Lessee or Lessee’s agents to the Equipment during the Lease Term
6 USE OF EQUIPMENr, MAINTENANCE AND OPERATION. Lessee shall ensure that the equipment is used only in keeping with the terms and conditions outlined in the attached schedule
7 INSURANCE Lessee shall keep the equipment insured against all risks of loss or damage from every cause whatsoever for not less than the full replacement value thereof
by the within named AIDEN ATKINS for
in the presence of
Leave four clear line spaces
Leave two clear line sptes
by the within named SYLVAN KARAMATH
in the presence of
Leave four dear line spates


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