Environmental science homework help

Environmental science homework help. Question #1.  Annual report we need to find by our self and provide a file.
            Siemen’s AG Company in its annual report for fiscal year ending 9/30/19 has a footnote 18, on provisions.
What is the largest provision listed in the footnote.
What is the meaning of this provision ie why is it considered a provision under IFRS?
What would this provision be called under GAAP?
What is meant by an onerous contract? How is it accounted differently by GAAP and IFRS?
How are restructuring charges handled differently under GAAP and IFRS.
Next all 3 follow questions regarding this report.
http://media.corporate-ir.net/media_files/IROL/77/77862/annual-reports/annual_report19/downloads/Vodafone-full-annual-report-2019.pdf (need see on page 100 Financials)
Question # 2.  In its 2019 annual report Vodafone Group PLC presents a few related party transactions. What is the nature of those transactions? Why are they considered a related party transaction? How if any is a   related party disclosure handled differently between GAAP and IFRS? What disclosure is required for related parties under GAAP?
            Question #3.   Using the Vodafone Group cash flow statement, what accounting basis is the statement prepared on? Support your answer by bringing as many proofs as you can from the statement.
What is meant by the investing section of the cash flow statement?
Is the statement using the direct or indirect method? Support your answer.
            Question #4.    The 2019 Vodafone annual report shows 5 subsequent events. Is it type one or type two? Explain your answer. How does GAAP and IFRS differ on treatment of subsequent events?

Environmental science homework help


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