Given the BJT transistor chara

Given the BJT transistor characteristics of Fig. 4.111:
In Figure 4.111

a. Draw a load line on the characteristics determined by E = 21V and RC = 3 kΩ for a fixed-bias configuration.

b. Choose an operating point midway between cutoff and saturation. Determine the value of RH to establish the resulting operating point.

c. What are the resulting values of ICQ and VCEQ?

d. What is the value of β at the operating point?

e. What is the value of a defined by the operating point?

f. What is the saturation current (ICsat) for the design?

g. Sketch the resulting fixed-bias configuration.

h. What is the dc power dissipated by the device at the operating point?

i. What is the power supplied by VCC?

j. Determine the power dissipated by the resistive elements by taking the difference between the results of parts (h) and (i).


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