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What is the common English translation of the Latin phrase given in the title of Unit Three Discussion?    Where is this phrase found in the New Testament?
This Latin phrase is sometimes displayed on university buildings. Are there any other places where it might be found? Is the larger cultural meaning of Via, Veritas, Vita an extension of what Christians mean by it? Or are the Christian uses of this normative phrase and definitive for all other meanings?
What does this phrase mean to you?          Can it be applied to other great figures in the history of religion, or is it specific just to Jesus Christ?
Please read Paul’s “hymn to love” in First Corinthians 13, one of the most famous passages in the entire New Testament.
Then, survey what either Hinduism or Buddhism believes about love.
What points of contact do you see between First Corinthians 13 and the great Asian religion you have chosen?
How is the Christian view of love as agape distinct from Hinduism and Buddhism?
Hebrews 11:1 defines faith as follows: “Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.”
Find another New Testament reference to faith, and quote it.
Then, find a definition of faith from another source, such as Psychology, Philosophy, Anthropology, Literature.
Once you have located these other two descriptions of faith, reflect on the following questions:
a) how are these descriptions of faith similar?
b) how are they different?
c) in today’s world of science and hard evidence, does faith still have a place?


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