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You’ve probably heard the expressions, “Seeing is believing,” and, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” It may seem to you that a very truthful and certainly enjoyable way to learn history is through pictures — moving pictures, or films. It is true that films do provide us with presentations of historical events such as the Vietnam War or the American Revolution. Historical themes have been popular as long as motion pictures have been produced. It is, however, also true that films provide us with interpretations of historical personalities and events. Just as you have learned to be critical of print documents, you must bring that same critical eye to non-print or media documents. It is important to learn critical viewing skills to use when you see media productions in your social studies classes, on television at home, or at the movies. Your Project should have: ➢ One movies to watch o You will sign up for the movie that you would like to do your historical essay over. One movie per student, this way the essays are variety and the essays are not the same. o If there is a movie that is not listed here that you would like to watch you need to get teacher approval. You put it on the list and will email you with an approval. ➢ Your Paragraphs should be as followed (Five or more sentences) o Introduction  What movie you chose to review?  Why you chose this movie? o 2 nd Paragraph: A summary of the historical time period your movie is set in, this is also your introduction tell me the movie you picked and then open with the historical summary. In your own words. o Then each paragraph that follows should answer one of these questions  3 rd  Paragraph 1. Does this film portray the historical event or time period accurately? If so, how? (Note costuming, sets, props, manners, etc.) 2. How does this film deviate from historical facts, or, in other words, what inaccuracies can you find in this film?  4th Paragraph 1. What cinematic devices (fades, dissolves, flashback, montage, split scene, bridging shots, etc.) did the filmmaker use to convey a meaning or feeling in this film? Give examples.  5 th Paragraph 1. Does this film contain any underlying messages, or is it a straight narrative of a specific historical event? 2. Does the film reflect any political undertones of the time it was made? If so, how? o Final paragraph is the conclusion should contain the following questions  In your opinion, of what use is this film in explaining or illuminating a historical event, figure, or time period?  If you were a history teacher, would you show clips from this movie or the whole movie  What could they have done differently? ➢ The last part of this project is you will create a video presentation, in which you will post to a discussion board. In your video presentation, you will present your paper in 5-10 minutes. Please provide a PowerPoint presentation to give us a visual of your movie. With the advent of YouTube and Netflix, you guys have TONS of options available to you if you are struggling to find films to view. You may view some films in groups, however, your research and opinion must be your own. Plagiarism and unoriginal thought will not be tolerated. Below is a suggested list of films broken down by time period:


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