History homework help

 There are three questions below. You must answer 2 of the questions.  Please indicate which questions you’ve chosen to answer by labeling them.
You are expected to use ONLY course materials (the films, Fabe’s book, assigned readings, the recommended textbook, lecture slides and notes) to help you answer the questions. These are the only sources that you are permitted to use for your answers. Do not use any other sources, print or online.
You must properly cite your uses of the texts, including but not limited to quotations. Please use either Chicago or MLA style. All exams will be checked for plagiarism. Plagiarism is grounds for failing the exam and disciplinary action. Please work alone and do not confer with your classmates. If you wish to cite the lectures you can mark them in a footnote or parenthetical citation by the video number and time code (eg., Module 4.3, 15:38). If you are doing MLA style citations, you do not need to include the lectures in your works cited list.
Answers average around 900-1250 words for each question (2 questions in total) You may write more if you wish. Upload your exams (12pt font, double spaced,) IN A SINGLE PDF FILE to the Carmen assignment.
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