History homework help

choose a movie from the Action Section of your student resources.  Formally critique the movie and discuss the action genre. Discuss how the action movie you watched is appealing to moviegoers.
Second, choose a sci-fi from the Sci-fi section or you student resource.  Formally critique the genre.  Talk about your like and dislikes of the genre.   Discuss what makes this genre different and appealing to movie goers.
Many of the films you watch will be a combination of 2 or more genres.  Finally discuss how movie combine different genres.  Do you find this appealing?   Does it work?   Does it bring bigger audiences in?   Please expand on your thoughts.
1.  choose any of this action movies –
i Robot,
Catch that kid,
Man On Fire,
Die hard with a vengeance,
Cast Away,
Lake Placid
2. Choose any of this Sci- Fi movies
the Martian
Under water
Chain Reaction
Independence Day
the Fly


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