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Adjusting to Prospective Law Changes: In Florida, the law is “mixed” regarding the use of marijuana such that medicinal marijuana is legal, but recreational use is illegal.  However, laws regarding legalizing marijuana were on the ballot in five states this past election for various levels of legalization and all five passed.  As there continues to be a trend toward legalization of marijuana, how should HR leaders prepare their firms to address issues related to marijuana.  For teams interested in this general topic, other prospective legal changes may be considered as an alternative to marijuana legalization.
Questions that should be answered
Each question should be answered with 2 pages long, APA, double space, Times New Roman 12pt font
1)   Background of the issue/situation/problem. Current state, how HR approaches it currently.
2)   Discuss what current best practices exist with regard to the issue
3)   Develop three (or more) alterative actions you/your firm could take
4)   Provide an analysis each option and use your criteria and analysis to select what you believe to be the best option
5)   Provide a brief implementation plan for your final selection. Prospective legal changes as alternative to marijuana usage
Once paper is completed a PowerPoint should be made covering topic


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