information Systems homework help

CIS 5755/CIS 4655
Software Engineering
Fall 2020
Term Paper Requirements
information Systems homework helpinformation Systems homework help
Formatting for all submissions:
Typed, using Arial or Times New Roman font
12-point font size
One-inch margins on all four edges
Single space
Page numbering at bottom (excluding the cover sheet on final draft)
Headings as appropriate
Citations and references following the APA format.
Additional formatting for final draft:
-Length of the paper should be between 3- 5 pages excluding the cover sheet and reference list. Points will be deducted if the paper exceeds 5 pages.
-Cover sheet should include the paper’s title, course title, date and author’s name with email address.
General research areas:

  1. Software development processes: you could address a specific process or compare processes
  2. Issues related to specific stages of software development such as requirement gathering, design, building, testing and maintenance.
  3. Software development teams, for example virtual teams or virtual collaboration, international teams etc.
  4. Software engineering issues related to a specific domain, such as healthcare, government, safety-critical systems etc.
  5. Software engineering issues related to building systems based on specific technologies such as big data/data analytics, cloud computing, ERPs, mobile technologies, open-source, etc.
  6. Tools/technologies used during the software development process or specific stages.

You must define important terms, state a position and justify your position. You may provide background and definitions to provide context for your position, but a substantial portion of your paper should be your own well-reasoned analysis of the topic. Do not simply repeat the thoughts of others! I expect you to use at least 8 references.
Paper will be submitted using SafeAssign in BlackBoard. For a limited period of time, you will be able to submit a draft version to Safe Assign to obtain feedback about plagiarism. After this period ends, you will have to submit the final version of the paper through Safe Assign.
Additional information
You must include references from rigorous sources. References should be from academic journals, academic proceedings, books or other reviewed resources. Sources such as Wikipedia, blogs, personal web sites will not count. Refer to the computing references available through the UCM Library. See Databases that may prove helpful include:
Academic Search Complete
ACM Digital Library
Business Source Complete
Computer Database
To find articles, you may also look to trade resources such as

More rigorous academic resources are available such as:

Some search results will provide full-text downloads. Other will provide only the abstract and you may have to request the article through Interlibrary Loan. The latter may take a few days so do not wait to begin your research.


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