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-Think back to the paper on women in leadership roles.  That paper really looked backwards.  Let us look forward.
Many claim that society is not “fair” unless the number of women in leadership positions is equal with the number of men.  Personally, I believe this position to be absurd.  Men and women seek leadership roles at different rates for varying reasons.
I also believe that as our business environment changes, the need for leaders who are comfortable with the soft leadership styles, e.g., communicative, democratic, will increase.  Since women appear to be more comfortable with these styles, the number of women in leadership roles in 25 to 50 years will naturally exceed the number of men.
Am I wrong?  What do you think?
– In your own words (300 or fewer), tell me about the “Principle-Agent Problem,” also known as the agency dilemma or “Agency Theory.”  Give an example.
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