Information Systems homework help

There are 3 deliverables of the assignment. Attached the word documents and an excel sheet for your reference.
Architecture Design 
You need to submit two assignments here:
1) The Non-Functional Requirements excel sheet.
2) A summary of Architectural Design document – what Architecture are you using and why: Thin Client-Server, or Thick Client-Server and why?  2-Tiered, 3-Tiered, or N-tiered and why? This can be a word document or pdf.
3) Hardware/Software Specification
.doc, .pdf, or .xls files only
Submit Hardware/Software Specification. You can submit any type of document, but it must cover your client (if any) and your servers (if any). For example, if you list a 3-Tiered client-server Architecture than what Hardware and Software will your client need, and what Hardware and Software will your two Servers need? Like the text, you must cover the Hardware, Software, OS, and Network requirements.
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