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You are the intern for the mayor. There is a large statue of a confederate general on a horse, sword held high, In the center of a roundabout on the main road into town. Off to the side is a confederate cemetery. The general marked the entrance to what used to be a private cemetery. The property changed hands over the years and now belongs to the cities historical park. The upkeep of the general and the gravestones is paid for mostly by tax payer dollars. A white resident of the city is complaining. She says she is offended by the cemetery and general every time she drives by. She also does not want her taxpayer dollars paying for the statue. She wants the mayor to take it down. You are the mayor’s intern, and the general is turning into your problem. He does not want to take the statue down. It is a big tourist draw for the town. The neighboring towns even bring their school kids by. He would like to just ignore her. If that does not work, maybe the sword could be easily made into a cross with another piece of metal. You’re the intern. Write the mayor a memo that considers any legal problems as well as advantages and disadvantages of having the general. There is overwhelming support for the general to remain.

Opinion analysis: Justices allow “peace cross” to stand (Updated)

. Second option. You have moved up in the world. You are now the governor’s intern! The governors are having a weeklong retreat to consider problems from the 2016 election, when the winner of the popular vote did not win the electoral college. The governor needs to golf and go to a big opening dinner. You are being sent home, but he wants you to do a memo on the advantages and disadvantages of abolishing the electoral college. He is not too sure what it is or how/why it developed. Does the state have control over the electoral colleges? He thinks it is mostly run by the political parties. You live in a smaller state in northern fly over country. Money is pouring in because it is a battleground state! Voting in the state is relatively fair, but he is not sure every vote is or can even be counted. He is not too sure he wants to rock any boats, and your state has many of those!

Opinion analysis: Court upholds “faithless elector” laws


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