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For the case study paper, each student is to locate and elaborate a CURRENT case study of environmental injustice or racism in NEW JERSEY, NEW YORK, or PENNSYLVANIA.  Because each student must research a different case study, your topic must be approved in advance by the instructor. Your case study paper should briefly detail the following:●Problem overview●Background ●Demographics of the area●Key actors/institutions involved ●Victims and costs of the event●Responses by government and local community groups●How does this fit in to the environmental justice frameworkFor examples of case studies, please visit:
For a starting point on areas with EJ issues, you might want to play around with the EPA mapping tool: Topics are due by September 21st. Papers are due October 19th. The final paper must be between four(4) and five (5) pages, double-spaced. The major points in your paper must be substantiated by references to articles in academic journals and/or
5professional books (not including introductory textbooks; and not including material assigned for this course). A minimum of five (5) sources are expected, not including texts assigned for this class. Citations and references should follow the APA citation method.
My topic-  environmentally hazardous industries and how the industries through New York and NJ living can cause damage. This is a major important urban matter. Most of the time this happens only in low income areas.
Make Sure to study the demographics of certain neighborhoods so you can demonstrate the different issues within the city between certain populations.
books used are
Burns, Shirley Stewart. (2007). Bringing Down the Mountains: The Impact of MountaintopRemoval on Southern West Virginia Communities. West Virginia University Press.
Gunter, Valerie & Kroll-Smith, Steve. (2007). Volatile places: A sociology of communities andenvironmental controversies. Thousand Oaks, CA: Pine Forge Press.
Layzer, Judith A. (2016). The environmental case: Translating values into policy (4th ed.).Washington, DC: CQ Press.


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