Literature homework help

Poetry research paper instructions
Abstract: (150-250) words. Must contain:

  1. title of the work
  2. topic of the paper
  3. how the topic is related to the work
  4. the poet’s name
  5. the critical lens
  6. the argument/opinion
  7. results/findings

Introduction: (500-600) words

  • The poet (biography)
  • Their previous works (themes of their previous works/trajectory of his/her writing)
  • The current works (1-2 sentences that generally present the collection)
  • The argument (argument of the collection)
  • Theoretical lens
  • Thesis statement: argument + specific angle (as in choose one of the following poetic features: structure, symbolism, sound, tone, figurative language, theme…etc)

Note: do not make a general analysis of the poem; it has to be approached from a specific angle.
Discussion: 2000 words
Each poem is a section
Conclusion: 500 words
Literature reviews: 8-10 literary reviews (300-400 words)
Note: pick recent researches starting from those that were published in 2019 and then backtrack it to 2018 2017 2016 and so on but its important to use recent ones to show that you’re up to date.
If you’re going to quote from a poem, do not exceed four words.
Among the poems you choose, one of them has to be the dominant one that represents the idea.
10 references


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