Literature homework help

Write your own 8 to 16 bar rap, film yourself performing it! I am not joking. Your rap has to be about one of these three things: 1. Your experience in this class this semester, 2. Your experience with Hamilton, 3. Your experience social-distancing, with coronavirus, with online classes.
Here is the sample example of it.
For Real
Your raps had flow
Now the World gonna know
‘Bout my COM 121 Class, Yo!
For Real
This class kickin’ ass
‘Mid the Rona
Y’all own a
Special place in my heart
For Real
Online learning can suck it
But fuck it
We didn’t choose it
But we doin it
For Real
Theatre is about self-expression
And even though live class aint in session
And I’m not live professin’
And I know you’re all stressin’
I’m here confessin’
You have the skillz (believe!)
To enter my profession
For Real


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