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Purchasing & Vendor Management wk 6
Unit 6: Discussion – Chapter Questions
Review all questions and select three questions to address in 100 or more words. Support your thoughts with proven facts using the APA format.
Make your initial post by 11:59 PM Thursday and reply to at least two classmates by 11:59 PM Sunday. Please keep your posts civil and show respect to your classmates.
What are the three types of performance benchmarking? Which type is most commonly used by the purchasing function?
Discuss the reasons why measuring and evaluating purchasing performance has historically had certain problems or limitations. Do you think the purchasing function should increase or decrease its effort to measure performance?  Why or why not?
What were the benefit of developing performance measures that focus on cost versus purchase price?
Assume you are responsible for developing a benchmarking program. Describe how you would go about establishing the benchmarketing process.  Be sure to discuss the critical issues you must address.
Effective performance measurement systems have certain characteristics. Select three characteristics and discuss why a measure should possess that characteristic.
Discuss the different uses a manager has for purchasing and supply chain performance data.
Why do you believe there has been so much emphasis on technology in supply management in the twenty-first century?
Find at least three blog sites that would help purchasers in managing their spend sourcing globally, using e-sourcing and outsourcing or offshoring.
Find an article that provides an example how firms are using and managing “big data” to improve their business model.
Imaging walking into the purchasing office of the future. How might you go about completing your tasks for the day using future information technologies?


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