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Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:
1.  Consumer behavior has a major part in the development of a marketing strategy. What are some of the elements of the consumer behavior decision-making process? Why is it important to understand these elements? How would you apply them to a marketing strategy? (175 words)
2.  Understanding the mind of the consumer is important when developing a marketing strategy. Why is it important to understand how attitudes are formed and changed through motivation and emotion? How can understanding the attitudes help you when creating a marketing strategy?  (175 words)
3.  What is a dissociative reference group? In what way can dissociative reference groups influence consumer behavior? How does consumer behavior fit into the consumption process? Why is it important to marketing strategy? (175 words)
4.  Describe two recent purchases you have made. What uncontrollable factors, if any, triggered problem recognition? Did they affect the desired state, the actual state, or both? What role does problem recognition play in the consumer-decision making process?  (175 words)
5.  In today’s world many people use the internet, mobile phones, and social media. What impact does consumer behavior in these areas have on marketing strategies? What are the benefits of understanding consumer behavior in these areas? Describe a strategy you could use for these areas.   (175 words)


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