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Business and Intercultural Communication
READING MATERIAL: University of Minnesota (2015). Chapter 1: Effective Business Communication. Business communication for success. Minneapolis, MN: University of Minnesota Libraries Publishing. Retrieved on January 29, 2018, retrieved from:
(Option 1) – Effective Business Communication principles (Chapter 1)
Option 1: Read Chapter 1: Effective Business Communication in Business Communication for Success, listed on the Background page. Write an essay summarizing the key features of business communication, as opposed to ordinary, everyday communication. Feel free to use short lists. Be sure to include APA-style citations from the background reading and a references page.

  1. Well-organized, well-written essays covering all the topics outlined in the assignment.
  2. No errors in spelling, grammar, or syntax, and an appropriate scholarly style.  Refer to the Writing Style Guide.
  3. All sources cited and referenced in accordance with a standard citation style.  APA is preferred, but not required.  Refer to the Writing Style Guide.
  4. This assignment should be 2–3 pages in length



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