Management homework help

 Proctor and Gamble P&G essay
Write an overview of the Proctor and Gamble P&G
Conduct a brief analysis of the 4 functions of management in that company. In other words, how they are Planning, Organizing, Leading and Controlling of organizational activities
Review the planning process of this company
Identify pros and cons of a company’s strategy to use a particular management structure and corresponding culture.
Identify communication strategy (communication in action) in organizational settings.
Conduct SWOT analysis of the organization.
Formatting guidelines:
ii. Page numbers of the project should be 10 excluding title pages, table of contents and references.
iii. Line spacing should be 1.5 points
iv. Space before and after paragraphs should be 6 points only
v. Text style should be Times new Roman or Cambria
Text size should be 12 for the text and 14 for the main heading


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