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Business Development – “Opportunity in Open Spaces”

As a leader, Camp Bow Wow has a strong history of innovation in the dog boarding and grooming industry. Camp Bow Wow’s approach to diversifying revenue over multiple service lines, the opportunity to create an additional revenue stream with the development of a Camp Bow Wow Dog Park merits additional consideration. The following report offers the framework and points of emphasis in the formation of a Camp Bow Wow Dog Park Task Force.

SECTION I – Task Force Formation Proposal – Email

(Copy and Paste – Week 5 Assignment Content)

SECTION II – Innovation / Competitive Advantage

(Copy and Paste – Week 6 – Assignment Content and SWOT Analysis)

SECTION III – Strategic Importance of information

(Copy and Paste – Week 7 –Assignment Content)

SECTION IV – Ethics and Social Responsibility


Ethics –

What are business ethics and why are the important? (75 words)
(Insert answer here)
What are the practical steps that we can do to promote a strong ethical environment? (75 Words)
(Insert answer here)
Code of Ethics – Create a “Code of Ethics” outline that can be used by the Camp Bow Wow Dog Park operation. (Code of Ethics should include a least 5 bullet points)
(Insert answer here)

Social Responsibility –

What is social responsibility & why is it important to the Camp Bow Wow Dog Park initiative?  (75 words)
(Insert answer here)
What can the Camp Bow Wow Dog Park do in taking a proactive strategy to social responsibility? (75 words)
(Insert answer here)


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