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The theme of this research paper is Block Chain technologies. For this assignment, you must
research the theme with a focus on potential business applications of it (including yet beyond
Fintech). You must research current trends and summarize your research as a report. The
general structure of the report is as follows:
1. An introductory section about the current hype surrounding block chain technologies,
providing context for your report;
2. A description of select applications of Blockchain to finance  (minimum 3 example ).
3. The challenges for such applications to become widespread and beneficial to
4. A conclusion section (with your takeaway from the discussion).
To write the report you will need to cover at least the following:
1. Your report must adhere to APA formatting;
2. You must research at least 5 recent (i.e., less than 5 years) peer-reviewed articles.
Exceptionally, highly regarded industry sources (e.g., IBM, Oracle, SAP, McKinsey,
Accenture, Deloitte, Capgemini) will be accepted;
3. Other than APA formatting, the structure for the paper is not fixed, as long as there is
a logical flow of ideas. The length of the paper 6-10 pages .


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