Management homework help

Step One:
Write a 1/2 page – 1 page, single-spaced memo to me that is well-organized, well-supported, and well-written. Include the following:

  1. The role each person played in your team and how well each person improved or hindered the team’s progress in both task performance and relationship building.
  2. Your take-aways from this class–these can be related to course content, relationships, self-understanding, or really anything you want to share.

Step Two:
The next set of documents will be aimed at your team.
For each member of your team, you will type two paragraphs of feedback (don’t go much over ½ page in length, single-spaced, using 12 point font). Your team members will read what you write. The objective of this feedback is to help each team member improve his or her team skills; this is not a place to uncritically give shout-outs, humiliate or enact retribution on those in your group. Refer to your Team Charter and the commitments you made therein as a reminder of expectations.
Please start the email by addressing the individual team member personally (e.g. “Joe, you impressed me with your…”) and focus on behaviors you observed. BE SPECIFIC.
Your feedback goals are to
1) include detailed observations (examples)
2) be honest
3) help your teammate grow
4) celebrate what your teammate does well


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