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A Proposal is a business plan written with the intent to attempt to secure investments for your business idea or product. There are many ways to construct a proposal. One of the steps in writing a proposal is to find the feasibility or worth of your idea or product.


Question 1. What is a proposal?
Answer 1. A proposal is a business plan written with the intent to secure investments for your business ideas.
Decide on a new product or business idea. Try to be unique and original as possible. Answer the questions below that will help you realize the feasibility of your product or idea.
1. A thorough description of the product:A) It’s use/purpose B) Why is it useful?
2. Who would buy this product or patronize this business?
3. What makes this product/business/service “Stand Out” from the rest?
4. Come up with a slogan or logo for the product/business/service if possible.
5. Who is the competition?
6. What are the advantages and disadvantages in comparison with the competition?
Use Microsoft Word when typing and completing the assignment
Must be at least two pages in length typed.
Single space between each line.
12 point size font.


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