Management homework help

Management homework help. PJM6135 W4 Discussion
Open this folder to view and participate in this week’s discussion.
Retrieve the article below from the Business Source Complete database, or “google it”.
Forward, G. E., Beach, D. E., Gray, D. A., & Quick, J. C. (1991). Mentofacturing: A vision for American industrial excellence. Academy of Management Executive, 5(3), 32-44. doi:10.5465/AME.1991.4274462
Read thoroughly the article and answer the following questions:

  1. For a company like Chaparral Steel, why is a commitment to both its internal and external customers necessary?
    2. As mentioned in the case study, research and development at Chaparral are integrated into product design and development. Do you think this is a good practice? Please explain.
    3. Can a manufacturer be low-cost and high quality at the same time? Please explain.

Provide adequate support for your postings and properly cite your sources
Refer to the syllabus for grading information. Discussions are graded for writing skills (clarity, style, and grammatical structure, accuracy, quality and completeness).
Reminder: A high quality post is one that explicitly links your personal opinion or experience with the course materials or other relevant outside sources using proper APA format. Both in-text citations and a reference list are required for this discussion. You may earn up to 10 points.
Post at least one primary response no later than Thursday at 11:59 pm Boston time to allow other student’s time to respond to your post.
All secondary posts should be completed by Sunday at 8:00pm.
Discussion postings should be approximately 150-300 words. Communicate in complete sentences, concise, focused paragraphs, and precise language. Excessively wordy postings are not an advantage, but overly brief postings have little to contribute to the discussion. Provide adequate support for your postings; simply agree or disagree with your colleague is not appropr

Management homework help


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